12th May 2020
As an online student at ELC you always have a teacher guiding you. If you have any doubts or a question about your assignments, remember your teachers are just a comment away! Do not keep the questions to yourself! Go ahead and ask your teacher.
Hats off to the many students who are getting prepared to submit their assignments on the 16th of May 2020. Congratulations to the students who received their certificates yesterday. You can now view the top scorers and the students of the month.

If you need any help with your work along the way just ask your teacher :) Continue learning! Keep shining!

Every child deserves the ELCís online class experience. Hereís why.

07th May 2020
ELC has been ready for online education and teaching for a long time. So when this difficult time forced upon us to continue our syllabus and teaching we were quick to start our online platform officially. Online classes started at ELC on the 12th of March with our students all set and prepared to continue their lessons. Today, though we lost many of our students to the difficult times, hundreds of our students continue online in our classrooms.
Our duty at ELC does not end with sending a lesson or an assignment to the parents and kids in our online classes. We teach the kids. It would not be wrong if we say that students on our online platforms receive 24/7 help. Basically we do just about everything to make sure our students learn and improve. Every student gets individual attention on how he/she can complete the work assigned.
Is it hard to study during a time like this? Well, for students at ELC learning is always a beautiful challenge. Learning at ELC is never stressful. Never! What does a mother or a father do when her child fails to learn? She goes to the point from where her child has to start and with all the love and care she holds her child and guides her on the journey of learning and when the lesson is learnt, they celebrate together. This is the story of ELC too. So no, with no stress along the way, our kids just enjoy learning.
Now, with Oílevel exams delayed, universities closed what is there to learn? As educators, we are aware of what the exams and the best universities in the world would require of our kids, when they reopen! Whenever the Oílevel exams are ready our kids will be ready too! Our syllabus ensures that our students have the knowledge required to face challenges as educated individuals. We cannot think of months when our kids donít experience the beauty of writing, the magic in vocabulary and the wonders of reading and expressing themselves. Our students still continue their regular exams. They have completed their March exams and April exams on our online exam platforms and received their Merit, Credit, Distinction, High Distinction Certificates.
We treat our students as independent, responsible individuals. Our teachers ensure that kids learn the lessons, we monitor their progress and guide them along. However now with kids as little as 4 years active in our online classrooms we cannot thank the parents enough for their enthusiasm. We are sure even after this some of the parents might decide to continue their kidís education online at ELC even when regular classes start! Yes, every child deserves the ELCís online class experience.